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Quick tip on Flash

When taking pictures with your point and shoot knowing your flash options a bit can go a long way. I have a quick tip on using your forced flash and suppressed flash modes.

When using your forced flash (flash shoots in all conditions) it can help get better pictures for example I use it all the time on a sunny day taking pictures of my sun under a tree or anywhere that there is shade. Even if it is sunny the camera does not recognize that you are in a shady area and the pictures otherwise will come out with your subject dark and the surroundings bright. Setting your camera to this mode will ensure better pictures. Also use it when light is shining in the direction of the camera, this will also help not to get those dark subject photos.

Now, using your suppressed flash (flash deactivated) is great when you take pictures and there is a reflecting background such as a glass and you don't want that annoying burst of flash showing up in your pictures, such as I use to get when going to an aquarium with my sons. Here is an example of a picture I took with suppressed flash.
2009 07170162
Pretty neat what you can do with a simple tip.

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