A very frequent request at the I Shoot Film group: which scanner to buy?

This pages is a loosely categorized list of scanners used and new that are recommended to use as a film scanner. Recommendation is subjective, but often translates "bang for buck", that is, given their price, these scanners deliver good results.

If you disagree with any categorization here, please check if it has been discussed in the Talk page before and add your opinion there. If there's no discussion there, please start one and then make your changes.

By price range Edit

Tightest budget Edit

The cheapest scanners that can scan film and deliver decent for-the-web results. [Example scanner] - example single-line description.

Medium range Edit

The kind of equipment sought after for most people. No money extra to spend but with enough to afford some quality.

High priced Edit

These scanners are expensive, but should deliver results that you can print to sane sizes.

Money no problem Edit

The best money can buy.

By output quality Edit

Web only Edit

Prints up to 4x6 inches Edit

Or 10x15 cm.

Prints up to 8x10 inches Edit

Or 20x25 cm.

Prints up to 16x20 inches Edit

Or 40x50 cm.

Prints larger than 16x20 inches Edit

By type Edit

Flatbed scanners with film scanning capability Edit

Listed alphabetically.

Dedicated 35 mm scanners Edit

Listed alphabetically.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II (2820 dpi, discontinued)
Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III (2820 dpi, discontinued)
Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV (3200 dpi, discontinued)
Minolta Dimage Scan Elite (2820 dpi, discontinued)
Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 (5400 dpi, discontinued)
Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II (5400 dpi, discontinued)

Nikon Coolscan III (2700 dpi, discontinued)
Nikon Coolscan IV (2900 dpi, discontinued)
Nikon Coolscan V (4000 dpi)
Nikon Coolscan 5000 (4000 dpi)

Dedicated 35 mm and 120 rollfilm scanners Edit

Listed alphabetically.

Minolta Scan Multi II (2820 dpi for 35mm/1128 dpi for 120, discontinued)
Minolta Scan Multi Pro (4800 dpi for 35mm/3200 dpi for 120, discontinued)

Nikon Coolscan 8000 (4000 dpi, discontinued)
Nikon Coolscan 9000 (4000 dpi)

Drum scanners Edit

Listed alphabetically.

External links Edit

Feeling Negative article on choosing scanners

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