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Emilie Malcorps

Emilie travels the world to produce photo documentaries with a positive out take on situations and events. Emilie is well known for her sensitive eye. Her experience has taught her to only settle for extreme quality. She takes her pictures with a Canon 5D Mark II and several different lenses according to the situation.

Emilie is a professional portrait photographer based in the parisian region in the city of Garches. She has worked for the biggest independent studio in England and has now set up her own studio. Emilie shoots dynamic and original portraits. She is specialized in family, baby and kids shoots.

Spending an hour in the studio can be a stressful experience but Emilie always makes sure her shoots are fun and relaxed to produce naturally beautiful pictures. Getting your whole family into the studio will be an enjoyable experience that you and your loved ones will never forget and you will have beautiful pictures to remember it forever.

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