Panorama's can be created in 2 ways; using the setting in the camera(if it has a panorama setting) or by 'stitching' photographes together on a computer using either specialist panorama programs or general purpose editing programs. To create a panoramic shot using the second method you will need a digital camera, a tripod(recommended but not essential) and a really nice scene deserving of a panorama. You will also need panorama capable software; microsoft ICE, Adobe Photoshop, canon software?, GIMP, Hugin, photomatix. This method is for microsoft ICE(image composite editor): Take a series of photographs while rotating the camera. Try to make the photo's overlap a little bit. its best that you use a tripod. transfere the images onto your computer, select all that were taken as part of the panorama, right click on an image and select "stitch images"

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